JongSjië – kindness, precision and professionalism personified. You can tell just by looking at her that she shows incredible attention to detail. She dresses stylishly, with class, and has that know-how gained from years of experiences reflecting a life enriched by travel, friends and adventures. She swapped horses for golf, and although she would never have thought it, working to keep the stables in a perfectly clean condition gave her the physical and moral strength which made her first drives on the course so long. “One of the first times I went out on the course with one of my friends, she got very annoyed because I hit it longer than her on all the holes. It was on that particular occasion when I started to think that golf could be fun, and I began to show an interest. From that moment, I started to be more competitive, learn things, and my first handicap was 18. After that, I managed to reduce it every year by 2 or 3 points and I reached 4.7 – my lowest ever handicap. When I was 50, a friend and I decided to play the senior tour starting the Spanish Championship at Sotogrande and La Duquesa for the couples. We managed to become subchampions of Spain. We were defeated on the 3rd play off hole by Vicky Pertierra and Marta Balet. That gave us so much confidence that we started to play more seniors competitions. We qualified several times for the individual European Championship. I was part of the Dutch team for 10 years. I had a fantastic time during those years.

JongSjië is one of those people who were born to play golf. Her desire to constantly improve her ability, coupled with her competitive nature. Unfortunately, a back problem is currently preventing her from doing what she loves the most – playing golf. For this reason, she has accepted the new challenge of being club captain. “I thought it was a good way to maintain my contact with the club. Being captain is the best way because you have to be involved, organising matches and tournaments. That’s why I accepted the position. I wasn’t looking for anything else. I hate addressing the public, and I don’t like giving speeches. But I do enjoy working. Being ladies captain this year fills me with pride, and I will do everything I can to be successful. With the help of the ladies and Ricardo, the manager, I don’t think it will be very difficult.”

For the moment, JongSjië is doing a great job; she always achieves perfection when she puts her mind to something. Her good nature, which breeds a welcoming atmosphere, combined with her ability to listen to what members want, knowing how to take on board constructive criticism in order to improve, and her careful attention to detail make her the perfect captain. Each day she feels more settled in the position and she can’t wait to recover from her injuries to once again enjoy the course she loves. “We have been members of Las Brisas for 30 years. It is a fabulous course, but the best thing about it are the people, the members and the staff, all of whom are wonderful people and professional. Not to mention the views from the terrace, which are breath-taking”. Golf is just as important to her as it is to her husband. “Apart from family, everything else in our life revolves around golf: our holidays, friends – everything is connected to golf. When I’m on the course, I forget about everything else. All that matters is sinking that ball in the hole. That’s the most important thing at that time. Sometimes, I concentrate so hard that I forget to look around and appreciate how wonderful the world is”. She certainly knows it very well. She has been fortunate to play in South Africa, Arizona and Hawaii, among other fantastic courses around the world. However, for her, the best are those in Andalusia, such as Valderrama or her own club.

Cheerful and charming, that’s JongSjië, a well-travelled citizen from Holland. We wish her a speedy recovery and can’t wait to hear her laughter once again on the course. We hope she enjoys her time as captain and are convinced that it will be remembered as one of the most fun, defined and original.