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Sabina & Laura Friendship and Fun at Alhaurin Golf

Sabina Boyce is fun, approachable, inventive and has a wonderful way with people. All this makes her the perfect person for public relations, the position she has held at Alhaurin Golf for six months. Laura Pedotti, on the other hand, is the person responsible for all the events held at the club. Her organisational skills, professional approach, creativity and attention to detail ensure that any event is a huge success. Together they make a great team, welcoming clients and turning them into friends of the club. This has ensured that the ‘Alhaurin Golf Friend’ initiative, which just a few months ago was nothing but a dream, has now become a reality.

Sabina was a regular at the club and, even though she didn’t know how to play golf, she would come to Alhaurin Golf to enjoy the catering services. Bit by bit, she got to know all the members and became known among them. This resulted in management appointing her as head of Public Relations, a role which she has taken to naturally. In this role, she began the initiative for the ‘Alhaurin Golf Friend’ card. This is a free card which offers exclusive benefits and aims to create a database, together with ensuring that the customers feel at home. Laura’s help is vital in attracting new members as “all events are a great starting point for getting to know the club and starting to play golf”, Sabina tells us. As well as being a first point of contact for new customers, it builds a great deal of loyalty among golfers who want more than just golf from the club. “Our members are delighted with our events”, she tells us proudly. For example, the Freddy Mercury Tribute was un-doubtedly one of the most memorable events of the summer. It managed to fill the entire place and also served as the launch for a number of parties throughout summer, which were celebrated on the magnificent terrace. Also, to coincide with the school holidays, they organised a summer camp, next to the Sports Area in Alhaurin el Grande. They were able to attract families not just from the nearby villages, but also from Marbella, thanks to wonderful facilities such as an excellent practice area, complete with its own snack bar and incredible views of the valley. A dinner with a fashion show or an afternoon snack with a beauty session, as well as the traditional personal and professional celebrations, have all been possible thanks to the tireless work of Sabina and Laura. As well as making a great team, the environment and atmosphere also help. “We want to create comprehensive experiences, offering a wonderful club house, great service, and a personalised and caring customer service in which, although 140 people go out every day, everybody is treated by the same”, Laura tells us. “At Alahurin, we want to offer a slightly different perspective on golf”. There’s no doubt they have achieved this. Congratulations Alhaurin on this initiative we’re sure will continue to be a great success.